Useful links A cleaner way to use Youtube

is a free browser extension that once installed lets you view Youtube videos without all the comments in a very clean and child safe way. Unfortunately it doesn’t get rid of the adverts, if anyone knows how to do that please let me know!! 


is a simple free website that converts the audio from any youtube video (from the URL) and allows you to download the audio into MP3 format. Simply copy YouTube URL from the video that you want and paste it into the conversion box, press ‘convertir la vidéo’ and hey presto, in a flash you have the video audio in a mp3 format. Click Télécharger to download. Very easy and useful.


Tubechop is a really simple tool that lets you crop any youtube video. Excellent for classroom use to save time trying to find the part you want and avoid showing parts you don’t.  You can do as many copies as you want from one video for example duplicating parts of the video you want to highlight for key vocabulary/grammar. You can see from the web page that I am the first to ‘chop’ this particular video and you can also see the original alongside it.

One I made earlier…

Je suis un être humain



Wondering how I made the screenshots, with arrows and highlights, on my blog? Wonder no further, this free, easy & useful tool captures images on your computer screen – in a similar way to screenshot except you choose exactly what part of the screen to capture. You can add arrows, text, highlights and frames. I use it all the time now when making class resources.

It also does the same thing – capturing part of your screen – but by recording what you do as a video – I think there is a 5 minute limit on this but enough to explain to a class what they have to do if you are setting cover work!

Once you download the program (and run it!!) a little sun will appear at the top of the screen which is quite cute and is always there on hand to capture your images! If you’re anything like me you’ll be amazed how much you start using it!

Not personally used YET but they look cool & have seen them used & recommended by my PLN twitterai:

  1. SchoolTube – yes, you guessed it!
  2. Glogster – interactive posters
  3. Block Posters – convert your single page poster/photo to multiple pages to print out


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