Droplr – sharing files via a web link

Firstly a huge thank you to Joe Dale who suggested this idea via twitter after I asked for a way to share audio files on my blog. Muchas gracias 🙂

A new place to drop it. Droplr is a website where you upload a file and get a link. Similar to Dropbox but much quicker and easier to share.

One thing that I have been wanting to do with my student website is embed audio without paying. Now I’m not quite there yet but this is the next best thing.

All you do is ‘drop’ the file you want into the Droplr box. (drop = hold file & drag into) and as if by magic it instantly stores the file and gives you a short web link that you can give to  anyone, colleagues, students etc. Yes this includes audio files.

For the first time ever I have been able to set listening homework. The students simply follow the link which takes them directly to the file where they have the option to download or play.

Another great way of using this is with QR codes, for example I ‘dropped’ a GCSE listening audio file into the website, got the web link which I used to make a QR code. I then printed the code & stuck it to the exam paper and gave it out for homework. The students simply scanned in the code & listened to the audio from their phone/mobile device. Exciting I know. Sounds complex? have a look at the example, if you have a code scanner, have a go…


When you try this, if you’re thinking it can’t be this easy then you’ve got it!

What’s the difference between this and Dropbox? In a nutshell Dropbox for storing & sharing lots of files or sharing folders of large files eg of lots of pictures, audio or documents, Droplr for sharing individual files easily.

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