Let the Quizzes begin!

Quizlet.com is amazing! By far the best free website for practising and learning vocabulary that I’ve found so far. I am a big believer in the power of games to transform the way students learn and this is the best website that I have seen for a few reasons:

  1. It’s free
  2. It uses VAK very successfully – you see the word, at the same time listen to it (website automatically adds audio) and then you have to type what you hear. Genius.
  3. Teachers get 8 classes free and you can add students to each class.
  4. It has all the accents on a button below the text box so you just need to click the one you want to add them, no fiddling with the keyboard.
  5. Teacher can see which and how many games students have played, as well as their scores.
  6. Students can see top 3 scorers on a score board
  7. You can print off vocab lists and a variety of tests of the vocab you have made
  8. There are thousands of sets already created – especially useful for exam board specific vocabulary!
  9. It’s easy to import the data from a word document
  10. It makes you repeat the vocabulary you get wrong and corrects you if you make a mistake.
  11. There is also a free ipad app
  12. The games include timed, typing games and match up

Here’s a French one I made earlier http://quizlet.com/14506068/french-essentials-flash-cards/

I am waiting for another website to get started which promises similar functions to Quizlet except it actually monitors your progress as you learn your words. Eg. it makes you repeat the ones you get wrong so you can’t finish the game until you get them right! Watch this space on that one.. or have a practice with the example games to practise Spanish animals


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