Augmenting your classroom

Aurasma – better than a QR code!

I know I’m a bit of an ICT geek when I get excited about the potentials of augmented reality in the classroom!!

I had seen this before last year when people first began tweeting about it but was disappointed to find that it could only be used by iphone4 or android 2.2 or above, and I had neither so the idea went to the bottom of the pile. However now I’ve finally upgraded my phone and I have looked at it again this week and can officially say it’s brilliant! Even better than a QR code for those who know about those too.

The best way to explain this, is if you have one of these phones and can download the Aurasma Lite app, scan the bird on the back of a £10 note and you’ll see what it’s all about! But in a nutshell, you hover over still unique images with your phone and it links the image (rather like scanning a code) to a preloaded video. Normally this will fit in with the image you are scanning – hence the bird on the back of the £10 note comes alive and flies away!

In the classroom you could use this with displays, or posted images on your blog/VLE. I’m planning how I can make a display from them, similar to Kelda’s Le Mur Parlant (speaking wall) but equally there is lots of scope for games, treasure hunts, interactive homework and MFL Aurasma hotspots around the school! 

Now I must say that I haven’t quite got my head around how it works but that’s not really necessary to creating your own! A huge thank you to Kelda for her advice and writing her blog which has step by step instructions on how to create your own in the classroom. It is a bit tricky at first but easier in practice and I think they will be worth the effort as they literally bring 2D work to life. I really like the idea of this for language learning in particular although I can see the potential in most subjects really.

 Watch this space!

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Secondary MFL teacher from North West England
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2 Responses to Augmenting your classroom

  1. elkel99 says:

    Thank you so much for the mention! Have fun with Aurasma 🙂

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