Make your own website!

Top 8 tips to making your own student website:

One of my favourite and probably most useful resources I’ve made so far is my own student ‘website’. I know there’s the VLE and that has it has its place but this is something that I’ve made just for the students I teach. It has a different feel, it’s not school work it’s fun. It’s a place where they can revise what we’ve done in class, leave messages, make suggestions and learn in their own way.

The one I’ve made is actually a blog format that I’ve made to look like a website. Each group/year has their own page as well as a page for my form and links to my Youtube channel. I can post videos, PowerPoint’s from lessons, word documents, links and revision notes. It might look like a lot of work to create but once you set it up you just add things as you go along. My year 7 classes use it the most and seem to find it really useful for revision. I love getting all the comments, they really make me smile & it’s great to know the impact you can have when the class is over!

Top 8 tips:

  1. Keep updating regularly; I update about once a month at the moment depending on what’s going on.
  2. Make QR codes that link to their page and stick it in their organisers.
  3. Reply to their comments
  4. Show some of their work on the blog
  5. Use to upload powerpoints and word documents then embed into the page (sometimes you need to switch to HTML for pasting)
  6. Maybe start off with one group first then build up depending on interest from students
  7. Everything I didn’t know I asked my Twitter colleagues, Googled or Youtubed
  8. Go to to start your blog!

Here’s one I made earlier…

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Secondary MFL teacher from North West England
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