The NEW way to mark homework!!

Homework via Jing

This fantastic (and free) tool called Jing allows you to capture images from your screen which I have found so useful for making worksheets/powerpoints and especially for making images to upload to my student blog. If you regularly create resources for your classes then I think it’s worth downloading.

In addition there is a another feature which not only captures a still image of your screen but records that image for a maximum of 5 minutes. I know, it sounded a bit strange for me too when I first came across it. The only way I had seen it being used was for ‘how to videos’ to show how to upload videos to your blog or how to improve powerpoint skills. I thought it was great to be able to talk through instructions while being able to see which buttons to press on the screen. The only education use I had read about was to record what students have to do for setting cover work which I liked the idea of but the use still seemed limited.

It was only when my students sent me their work in word document form that I realised the potential being able to record talking through corrections while I was correcting. I thought it was brilliant that students  could see the different options on screen, for example they might have written Je préféré and I could record the ‘right click’ and remind them when to use this spelling and when to use the ‘préfère’ version.

I think this software lends itself very well to MFL marking as students don’t often understand why you have corrected a mistake and for me this is so much easier to explain rather than writing copious notes all over the page. Excellent for A level students and super keen KS4 who are genuinely interested in understanding their learning- ok I know there aren’t many of those but you get the idea!

Basically it’s much easier to watch the 2 min video below to understand what it’s all about.

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