Drop it in which box?!

Dropbox: a file sharing tool

if you don’t have it already then I highly recommend this free service. It is excellent for sharing large and numerous files, which is really useful for your own teaching as well as within departments. It also means if you forget your USB stick all your work is in the ‘cloud’ and can be accessed anywhere you have the internet. This means avoiding viruses from sharing USB sticks with lots of computers. They have recently changed the space they offer so now you start with 2 GB free but if you invite people then you earn an extra 500MB up to a maximum of 16GB.

This is one of the most useful things I have found on the internet that I use nearly everyday. 

There is also an option called dropitto.me which is equally useful and is like a virtual pigeon hole – for collecting electronic homework from students. It is password protected and there are only 2 screens the students see, one for a password login that you set and the other to upload. It is incredibly easy for them to use (so easy you might have to warn them!) and the documents they upload are instantly synced to your dropbox account. No email addresses involved or communication, they just drop it into your virtual folder.

Install Dropbox by clicking here

Here is my 5 min video presentation I did on Dropbox for TeachMeet Cardiff #addcym click HERE

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Secondary MFL teacher from North West England
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