Voki – talking avatars for your classroom or Virtual Learning Environment

What is a Voki and how you can use one in the MFL classroom?

A Voki is a type of talking avatar. (An avatar is a 3D or 2D image, icon or character that represents you on internet communities where you would also normally have a username).

How you can use them in your MFL classroom:

By You:

  • to set homework
  • short listening tasks
  • offer extra credits for students who listen to your Voki and answer questions on what it says.

By your students:

Sometimes in our MFL classrooms what students produce is restricted to a paragraph in an exercise book or the occasional poster. For me this tool is one of many in my toolbox, something different for the students to experiment with, something that they can ‘virtually’ take away with them and show off to their friends and family, something they created that they can be proud of. Also for the more timid students that find it difficult to speak in front of others, it acts as a virtual puppet or persona that they can speak through, thus building their confidence by providing them a safe space to practice and present their work.

Listening to what they have written again and again and in different accents while they are editing and sharing their Voki is a great way to reinforce their learning and once it is created it can be reused in different settings simply by changing the background.

As of May 2011 Voki are now launching Voki Classroom specifically designed for teachers at a reduced cost. For more info have a look at their blog…


Here is one I made earlier with the example of setting students a listening task:


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Secondary MFL teacher from North West England
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