Wish you had a wall like this?!

Wallwisher in the classroom

I love this nifty little tool, absolutely free, no registration (just an email address), simple and so many effective ways to use it in and out of the classroom! Essentially it works like an online noticeboard that you can stick virtual post-it notes on. The end result will look something like this…

To design your own page or ‘wall’ simply create a personalised link by typing your name or the topic into this box as shown below:

Then you invite others – publicly or privately – to post on your wall, in a similar fashion to Facebook’s ‘wall’ concept so that everyone can see all the posts. The beauty of it is that you can approve comments before they appear on the wall to make sure the students are posting appropriately! The main thing to remember is that each comment has a maximum word limit of 160 words but this seems enough to write what is needed and students will already be familiar with this ‘limitation’ from their use of Twitter and Facebook status updates.

This resource lends itself perfectly to plenaries in classes where you teach in computer labs or even as a follow up homework exercise – the link can be accessed from any network/computer.

My favourite ways to use this so far are taken from this link titled 31 Interesting Ways to use Wallwisher in the Classroom

  • Setting a research project to share every students’ findings
  • Showcasing student’s work by getting them to add a link to their post
  • Collect ideas/suggestions eg for an event such as European Day of Languages
  • Departmental sharing
  • Peer assessment to encourage students to give positive and constructive feedback on presentations or projects
  • Any more ideas? please post below!

Thanks to Tom Barrett for another fab collection of ideas!

NB. You have to choose a picture, title and subtitle to create the wall but if you are practising, just put an X in these boxes to speed things up

Give it a go yourself and start building your wall!

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Secondary MFL teacher from North West England
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