Create your own cartoon strips

Kar2ouche or Toonlet?

I have been looking into Toonlet as a tool for teachers to use in the  MFL classroom to develop students’ ideas and progression of language in a really fun and visual way.  I have explored other software such as Kar2ouche which has its place for creating characters in different contexts and with more customisation and in a more interactive way. However for the limited time and department budget most of us have, we must plan in advance how to stay focused on the outcome and objectives of the lesson otherwise it can easily turn into a graphic design lesson. It is much wiser to get the students to plan what each picture will say in advance then give them a limited time, depending on ability of course you could split the lesson in half and complete a basic comic strip after planning, then if the students want to continue to customise they can do so for homework or in their free time (as a competition) from any computer (whereas with Kar2ouche you need the actual software to be able to continue to modify scenes.)

Therefore  I think Toonlet is another way to achieve a similar goal as Kar2ouche, have a play around with it and see what you think. The bonus with Toonlet is it’s free and only a quick easy sign in required and you can get creating straight away.

I have made my own on the topic of creating my first blog to give you an example…

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