Listen to Lyrics

Put some music into your MFL lessons and have fun with this free easy to use game that test you on the lyrics of the songs. Be warned it can get quite addictive!

With this music video website called Lyrics Training you are required to type in the correct lyrics by listening to the song and it won’t let you continue until you’ve got it right. There is a time counter on each game so you can compete against the clock and have a class winner.  There are 3 levels and you can press the ‘back space’ button to repeat each part of the song.  A fantastic, fun way to practise listening skills, vocabulary and accuracy.

Here is one of my favourite French songs by Carla Bruni –

Quelqu’un M’a Dit

About Miss Cairns

Secondary MFL teacher from North West England
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One Response to Listen to Lyrics

  1. javi says:

    thanks for sharing!

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