Create your own games for free

Free customizable activities for IWB is a website where you can make and customise your own games to use on with a smartboard.

I have used it to revise vocabulary or as a starter/plenary. To encourage whole class participation I found that it works best to split the class into two teams and at each level get players to take turns. A score count is shown so you can draw up a score board for extra competition. It is even possible for the students to play the games at home as long as they have the link.

How to make your game…

Simple. Just type your question, then answer, separated by an asterix : question*answer

Once you have entered your questions ‘save as’ 🙂 then there is a choice of 5 activities I have found the one called ‘Wordshoot’ is the best for smartboard use.

tip: always make the target language the ‘answer’ as that is what they’ll be looking for on the screen. You need at least 10 questions. It will always save as ‘quiz’ so change the file name so you can find it again. Also always set a password – (bottom left) otherwise the link takes you to the editable question and answer page rather than directly to the games.

Here’s one I made earlier!
The second thing I really liked about it was the huge full screen timer that could be set to different times with different music. My favourite tune was the 30 second countdown from the Channel 4 TV programme Countdown which is great for switching activities and the instruction ‘you have 30 seconds to sit back down in your chair’, works a treat!

Explore the website as there seems to be some simple to use, reliable activities, they are quite basic but these were the best resources I found for free and quick to make, without sign up.

About Miss Cairns

Secondary MFL teacher from North West England
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